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Inhale and Exhale

How to solve my irregular breathing habit?

Irregular breathing habits, such as shallow breathing, holding or forcing your breath, or beginning speech with exerting effort and building up air pressure! All of these symptoms are due to wrong beliefs that we had whether we ran into it during our public speeches or if you stutter on certain situations. The first thing you should do is to establish a proper breathing pattern, This pattern of breathing should be conscientiously practiced every day until it becomes a second nature. We are going to call this pattern .. Relaxed Breathing Exercise

as a suggested routine way of breathing that will not only supply the air flow needed for speech, but will also help you to change your intention in speaking instead of trying hard to say a word you will focus on relaxing your speech muscles. This includes: inhaling a full breath using your diaphragm, relaxing your abdominal muscles when exhaling, and letting the air flow freely instead of blocking the airway and building up air pressure.

Basic Steps
1- Sit up straight with your feet on the floor. Place one hand on your abdomen (slightly below your navel). Hold the first finger (index finger) of your other hand in front of your lips.
2- Inhale an easy, full breath through your nose, using your diaphragm. This should feel as if your abdomen is sucking in the air. you should feel your abdomen bulge out slightly. You should always inhale this way.
3- Don't hold your breath. Your larynx should be open and relaxed.
4- Completely relax your abdominal muscles and release all your air.

Combine the above basic steps with one type of the below completion step separately and sequentially.

Completion step types :
Type A- Imagine that you are relaxing after having successfully completed a strenuous job. Feel your abdomen and lower part of your body collapse into relaxation as you let out a satisfied sigh of relief.

Type C- Relax your abdominal muscles more gradually, and let the air flow freely. Feel the air flow through your lips as you relax your abdomen and exhale.

Type D- As you continue to inhale and exhale as described above, focus on the direct connection between the relaxation of your abdomen and its movement and the flow through your lips.

Type E- Imagine that you are riding a bicycle up down hills, as in the bicycle analogy. as you inhale, imagine that you are pumping your way up the hill. Then, as you exhale, imagine that you are effortlessly coasting down the hill. Imagine that it is a gentle slope, so you don't need to use your brakes.

Get used to breathing and relaxing in this way.It will be the foundation for all upcoming exercise on this series.

From Book: Understanding and controlling stuttering By William D.Parry, J.D., M.A, CCC-SLP