in Complete Vocal Technique

CVT is short for ‘Complete Vocal Technique’, a singing technique method developed by Cathrine Sadolin. The following pages contains an extract from the book ‘Complete Vocal Technique’. In the book there are references to 60 audio clips in this chapter, and a few of them are inserted into the text here.

Cathrine Sadolin is one of the leading voice researchers in the world. Her 25 years of research across all vocal styles, combined with her own experiences as a professional singer, has inspired innovative thinking within the field. She is regularly invited to voice conferences around the world, and contributes to the ongoing voice and vocal technique research. She has specialised in solving vocal problems, repairing worn out voices, and teaching advanced singing techniques within all musical styles. She has worked with theatres, operas, and record companies, both as a voice coach and as a vocal producer. She has performed all over Europe, as a classical, folk, and rock singer, and has released several albums. In 2002 Cathrine launched a 3-year Singer/ Teacher Diploma Course for professionals who want to improve as singers as well as vocal teachers. In 2005 Complete VoCal institute (CVI) opened in Copenhagen with branches in many countries. CVI is today the largest institute for professional and semi-professional vocal teachers in Europe.