The International Speakers Club is a non-profit organization comprised of motivated individuals who come together to focus their energy on improving the articulation, vocalization, and presentation skills of its participants. All revenues earned by this endeavor are fully reinvested in support of this mission to provide the most rewarding and fulfilling experience for our members.


The International Speakers Club is committed to becoming the world's premier society for creating competent speakers and presenters. To accomplish this, we continuously strive for superiority; by educating our members on how to develop clear and effective oral messages for presentation skills using the latest proven research and tools; Most importantly, we provide a comfortable, accessible, and conducive environment to practice and hone their abilities; ISC enhances the lives of our members by building confidence, increasing personal marketability, and amplifying professional development.


We carry out our vision by:
- Publishing materials about science-proven communication techniques that help people understand how to communicate clearly and effectively.
-Providing continuous live webinars conducted by professional coaches and motivational speakers concerning communication techniques and body language methods.
-Providing an online collaborative environment for our members to engage with one another and exercise their new tactics via weekly online video conferences.