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Using your voice effectively is a very crucial skill. Whether you have to convince your kids to do their homework, persuade your friends to choose your favorite restaurant for dinner or pitch a business idea at your work, on all situations you are using your voice. to know more about the International Speakers club and what you will gain from joining it watch our video >>>

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Mahmoud Almas -- Holland

My Target is to speak well under pressure on front of a group. This platform simulates real life situations, so you can practice what you would do in real life situations! I like how they maintain the system of toastmasters it is very helpful.

Soham Pal -- USA

I joined the International Speakers club to practice giving smoother and clearer speeches.The platform has helped me to practice my speech and get feedback from the listeners. I liked the pace at which they managed each session.

Sheldon Raphael -- Canada

My objective is to improve my public speaking skills. The International Speakers Club helped me to practice what I learned, I liked its environment as I am interacting with different people.